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Jeff Nolan.  Paralympic Hopeful.

2016 marks the inaugural paratriathlon games at the Rio Paralympics and Phoenix Athlete Jeff Nolan is vying for a spot on Team USA.  Qualifying for the paralympics requires endless hours of training, equipment, travel expenses and of course modifications of his prostheses.  Luckily, Jeff's sponsor Floyd Brace  can help with his biking leg and his catapult from Freedom-Innovations, but all other necessities are extremely expensive.  

Jeff has the drive and the athletic ability to make podium at the 2016 Rio games but he needs your help to get there.  Please make a donation and help this Charleston triathlete become a Paralympian.  

Jeff Nolan's odyssey began in 2003, when a 3,000 pound drop-hammer landed on both of his legs. Jeff sustained a traumatic injury that plagued his daily life. He was unable to walk, run or perform normal activities without an immense amount of pain. Jeff also battled bouts of depression as well as alcoholism. During this time, Jeff underwent 16 surgeries to correct his ankle, but none of them were as successful as the doctors had hoped. Jeff continued living with the pain and assumed it would never get better. In 2009 the birth of his son was joyous yet worrisome. Jeff knew his ankle would prevent him from having the father-son relationship he had always dreamed of sharing with his son. Jeff's doctor, Blake Ohlson, referred him to one of his patients, a below-the-knee amputee named Richard Blalock. Jeff met Richard and quickly discovered they had a lot in common. They were both extremely active people who sustained injuries by trauma. Richard gave Jeff insight into life after amputation, advice from his heart, as well as a book that would change Jeff's outlook.  Scott Rigsby’s The Unthinkable helped Jeff see there is life after an amputation. Not only is there life but you can accomplish anything as well, sometimes even better, than a person without an impairment. Jeff became a below the knee amputee March 5, 2010 and he will tell you that it was one of the best decisions of his life. Jeff's pain was finally gone! By September 2010, Jeff completed two sprint triathlons and one olympic triathlon, and he had set a goal of becoming an IronMan! As of November 2, 2013 Jeff accomplished that goal and finished the Florida Ironman in 13 hours 49 minutes and 17 seconds! Jeff has a new compete in the 2016 Rio Paralympics in para-triathlon!