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Phoenix Athlete Ricky ran the Shrimp and Grits 5k in Charleston, SC.


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Ricky Miller

On May 28, 2006 Ricky went to work like any other day only that would be the day that changed his life forever.  At the time, Ricky was working for Nucor Steel at the Marine Terminal in Charleston, SC.  While his team was trying to pull a barge, his foot became trapped in the tug line causing his leg to be crushed by the cleat on the dock.  The force of the tug line caused Ricky to be thrown off of the dock and waited in the marsh for 45 minutes until paramedics were able to help him.  After being rushed to the hospital, he was told that his foot was too damaged to save and the doctors would have to amputate.  Ricky returned home from the hospital prepared to start rehab only to return to the hospital 2 weeks later due to an infection.  The infection was threatening the remaining portion of his limb so the doctors performed immediate surgery to save his knee.  Thankfully they were able to stop the infection and Ricky was able to start his rehabilitation.  Ricky received his first prosthesis in August 2006 and hasn’t let his artificial limb slow his way of living.  Ricky is married to a wonderful woman, has 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  He enjoys being in the wilderness and has completed several 5k and 10k distance races.  He is dedicated to opening the minds of other amputees by sharing his story.

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