Phoenix Athletes

Team Floyd Brace Company

Phoenix Athletes Mission

The goal of Phoenix Athletes is to allow people to rise to new levels of activity. Like the mythological bird, each of our athletes face a challenge and are encouraged to rise from their situation to new heights. It is our job to give them the tools to reach new levels of performance. Each athlete inspires us to do more, to search for new methods, to pursue excellence, performance, and the desire to be more than normal, to be better than we were rise from our ashes...anew. We are all Phoenix Athletes...unleash your Phoenix! 

Amputee Mentor Program

Phoenix Athletes offer an amputee mentor program that is designed to support and encourage those who have suffered limbs loss.  Limbs loss can be a devastating time and our amputee mentors are able to relate and understand because they have all experienced similar trauma.  Contact Phoenix Athletes and we will put you in contact with an amputee mentor.

Bi-Weekly Workouts

Phoenix Athletes meet twice a month in an effort to encourage one another to continue with their fitness goals. Whether it's a quick swim, a 5 mile bike ride or a 10 mile run, Phoenix Athletes support each other and assist one another as they rise from the ashes. Everyone is welcome to train with the Phoenix Athletes!

Meet the Phoenix Athletes

DJ Rish

DJ, a 16-year-old who lost his leg in an automobile accident July 2013, has made great strides in his recovery.

Ricky Miller

In 2006, Ricky lost his leg in a work related accident.  Ricky is an avid outdoorsman and never let his amputation hinder ability to hunt or fish.

Jeff Nolan

Jeff injured his leg in a work related accident and suffered through 7 long years and 16 corrective surgeries before deciding to have an elective amputation in 2010.

Ronald Flowers

Ronald is a 31 year old amputee who never turns down a challenge and always has a smile on his face.